Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Themba’s mother fell down a Cliff when he is only six months old. For a week, vets have monitored him at Sanbona wildlife reserve in South Africa and thought another elephant cow would adopt him. But Themba was kept alone after his first week at Sanbona.

Then animal hospital decided to take him to the wildlife rehabilitation at Shamwari and they introduced Albert, the sheep to Themba. But unfortunately, Albert was scared and hid in a cave for twelve hours.

“ At the first meeting, Themba made a dash for the sheep and chased him around his watering hole. But Themba was very curious and kept coming up and sticking his truck through the poles, touching Albert on his woolly back and sniffing.”

“The next morning Albert started venturing out and Themba wouldn’t leave Albert’s side and the two were seen exploring their enclosure together with Themba’s trunk resting on Albert’s back,” said Lyndal Davies the filmmaker who’s filming documentaries at Shamwari wildlife rehabilitation center.

After all Themba and Albert became best friends forever. They have not been apart ever since. And this amazing brotherhood has gone viral on social media.

“Albert is like a brother to Themba and he is definitely an important member of Themba’s herd. We were a bit concerned to start with that we may end up with an elephant that through it was a sheep, however, it’s turned out to the other way round. ”

“Albert copies everything Themba’s does. In fact, they have almost the same diet. Albert is the first sheep I have ever seen eat a thorny acacia bush ”

“He has been studying Thamba and worked out the. The best way to get his mouth around the long, sharp thorns to reach the juicy leaves.”

Dr. Johan Joubert, the director of the wildlife center, reveals his thoughts about these amazing friends. However, the team of the wildlife center hopes to release Themba back into the wild and one day; they will separate with their memories of friendship.


By Snowy