The Most Beautiful Towns In Australia


Australia is certainly a beautiful country to visit. However, there is much more to it than the well-known iconic landscapes and bigger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. The unique character of the country is also reflected in the smaller towns, which are just as stunning and rewarding to explore. Want to know more? Here are the most beautiful in towns in Australia.

Goolwa, South Australia

Goolwa is one of the prettiest towns in Australia. Situated at the mouth of the Murray, the longest river in the country, this picturesque town is a must-see place off the tourist trail. Travellers can wander around the historic port, enjoy the sandstone architecture and visit the many art galleries and restaurants here. To the delight of the more romantic, the coastal views are stunning from the top of the sand dunes close to the boardwalk.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

Exchange Hotel dating from 1900 Kalgoorlie Western Australia Australia Pacific

© Robert Harding / Alamy Stock Photo

Kalgoorlie is a typical Australian country town; one that retains an early-19th-century feel, when the country had an Old West lifestyle and the residents relied mostly on building railroads, mining and farming to thrive. Back in the gold rush days, Kalgoorlie was a prosperous mining town. Even today, tonnes of gold are taken out of the ground – and you can explore the mines. Kalgoorlie also has a notable sports life and is home to a horseracing track.

Alice Springs, Northern Territory

When most people think about remote destinations in Australia, they think of Alice Springs. Indeed, Alice Springs draws the more adventurous type of traveller, as it is located close to Uluru, an impressive sandstone rock formation that rises out of endless flat bush. At the border of the MacDonnell Ranges, surrounded by beautiful crimson gorges, Alice Springs provides some of the most memorable and enjoyable walks countrywide. It also offers incredible desert vistas.

Broome, Western Australia

Cable Beach, Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia, Australia, Pacific

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Located on the Indian Ocean, Broome is a beautiful town where much of the local life and tourist interest revolves around pearls. Due to its proximity to Asia, Asian influences can be felt all around Broome, especially in the architecture, which is reminiscent of that on mainland China. In addition to pearl fishing, Broome has many stunning beaches. One of them, Cable Beach, is known as a perfect surfing spot and a place where tourists take sunset camel rides.

Birdsville, Queensland

The famous red dunes of Simpson Desert.

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Traditional outback pubs and annual races have made Birdsville a notable town to explore. Surrounded by Queensland wilderness, it enjoys both the beauty of the Diamantina River and the starkness of the Simpson Desert. September is the best time to visit, as this is when the horse races take place, but the town remains a must-see at other periods as well. With heritage buildings, impressive sand dunes nearby and flights to scenic Lake Eyre, Birdsville is a great spot from which to explore outback Australia.

Port Douglas, Queensland

Port Douglas is a small and picturesque fishing village with a number of trendy restaurants and a stunning golf course. It’s a lively town where locals are always looking for things to celebrate. It’s also home to a charming beach, which is great for picnics, swimming, volleyball and snorkelling. The most famous attraction here is the port, from which you can take a boat to the Great Barrier Reef for snorkelling and scuba diving.

Central Tilba, New South Wales

Central Tilba is a beautiful historic town with many old-fashioned leatherwork, artisanal crafts, antique and blacksmith shops. It is also home to a cheese factory – go for the delicious tastings. As Central Tilba has been well preserved, it’s also a great place to get the sense of an authentic 19th-century town. Moreover, this secluded destination is only minutes from some of the most pristine beaches in the country.

Esperance, Western Australia

Stairs down from Observation Point in Esperance.

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As soon as you gaze at one of the many white-sand beaches with crystal-clear waters in Esperance, it becomes obvious why many refer to it as the most beautiful coastline in the country. This green town also offers plenty of diving, swimming and surfing opportunities. Esperance is also home to a couple of salt lakes, and bathing in them is considered to be therapeutic. Five national parks offer hiking, fishing and off-road four-wheel-drive opportunities nearby. Esperance also has many wind turbines, which reflect the local commitment to renewable energy.

Yamba, New South Wales

The fishing town of Yamba in New South Wales enjoys near-perfect weather all year round and has superb surfing spots. This laid-back haunt is family friendly, offering many activities to be enjoyed together. May to October is the best time to spot whales. However, dolphins come close to the shore all year long. The town itself holds many regular dance performances, art exhibitions and farmers’ markets.

Port Fairy, Victoria

Port Fairy Great Ocean Road Victoria Australia. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

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Port Fairy is home to the oldest port in Victoria. Back in the day, the port attracted sealers and whalers from around Australia and Europe. In the 1800s, it was also a favourite among Irish people fleeing the potato famine. This legacy is still observable today in Port Fairy, which bears an important Irish influence that adds to the unique character. In addition, 50 historic buildings here have been protected by the National Trust of Australia.