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From a high school haunted by a crying girl to roads, hotels, and buildings with some supernatural residents, Hawaii is home to various ghosts that have decided to make the island their permanent home in the afterlife. Some are the ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors, while others are plantation workers or Hawaiian deities in their ghostly form. In particular, these eleven places throughout the islands are known for their haunted histories, paranormal activity, and some pretty scared witnesses. Read on to learn all about some of the craziest hauntings in Hawaii.

1. Mililani’s Kipapa Gulch

Said to be the site of a major battle in Hawaiian history, the bridge spanning the ravine has witnessed several head-on collisions. Residents have reported hearing the sounds of people crying under the bridge, as well as seeing lights move down the mountainside, into the gulch.

2. Hamakuapoko

A former town and land division, Hamakuapoko is said to be haunted by spirits from the area’s missionary and plantation days. An abandoned high school is the site of a local legend, telling of choking ghosts who accost students who were skipping class. The ghost of a girl crying inside the boarded up high school bathroom has also been reported.


3. Nuu’anu Pali Highway

It is said that Pele and the demigod Kamapua’a — a half man, half pig — had a bad breakup and agreed to never see each other again. The legend says that you cannot take pork over the Pali Highway, which separates the Windward side of Oahu from Honolulu, because it means that you are symbolically taking Kamapua’a from one side of the island to the other. The legend says that if you try to bring pork across, your car will stop at some point along the journey and an old woman with a dog will appear. To continue on your way, you must feed the pork to the dog.

4. Iao Theatre

The theatre, which opened in 1928, is said to be haunted. There have been various reports of misty ghost sitting in seats throughout the theatre, as well as on stage, though witnesses claim the apparition is friendly. Other ghosts have been seen in the basement: it is said these are the ghosts of Hawaiian soldiers, who died during battle centuries ago. Witnesses have reported feeling cold spots, seeing shadowy figures, and hearing voices.

5. Hilton Hawaiian Village

Guests and locals alike have told of a young, attractive woman in a red dress seen walking in the hallways or down the beach. There are two theories: one, that she is the spirit of someone murdered in a hotel room, or two, that she is the Pele, the volcano goddess.


6. Morgan’s Corner

Located on the Nuu’anu Pali Drive is the infamous Morgan’s corner, a sharp S-shaped turn near Dr. James Morgan’s villa. In 1948, two escaped prisoners murdered 68-year-old widow, Therese Wilder, in her home. She was bound, gagged, and left unconscious in her bed. During the struggle, she suffered from a broken jaw, and she subsequently suffocated, due to the broken jaw and gag placed around her neck and mouth. Some say she can still be heard screaming for her life. Others make claims of seeing a teenage girl holding her own head – the story says that she ran away from home and hung herself on a tree near the turn.

7. Volcano House Hotel

A former historic and private residence, the former owner and his family claimed to see an apparition of an elderly woman. She has also been seen in guest rooms, and wandering the halls. Sightings of a ghostly white dog have also been reported on the entrance road to the hotel.

8. Hawaii Plantation Village

This outdoor history museum tells the story of the island’s sugar cane workers and life on the planation circa 1850 to 1950, as well as the history of immigration to Hawaii. The village features restored buildings, replicas of various plantation structures, and a few ghosts as well. Of the village’s 25 plantation houses, approximately half of them are haunted. Every fall, the museum is transformed into a haunted house, though due to ghostly encounters and supernatural activities, actors are not allowed to work in the houses by themselves.

9. Hulihee Place

Once a vacation getaway for Hawaiian royalty, the palace was built from coral and lava rock in 1838, and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy.

10. Oahu Community Correctional Facility

A 950-cell jail is the site of the former Oahu Prison, where 47 men were hanged between 1909 and 1944. The gallows were converted into offices, and prisoners have reported hearing the rattling of cell doors, and guards claim to have trouble sleeping in the squad room.

11. Haunted Banyan Tree at Manoa Falls

Hike through Honolulu Rainforest to Majestic Manoa Falls

At the start of Manoa Falls is a Banyan tree, though to hold lost spirits. This tree is allegedly in the path of the night marchers — the ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. It is said that you can hear the faint sound of drumming on particular nights.



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