These Are the Unique Foodie Experiences in Vienna


Try your hand at producing the perfect Wiener-Schnitzel or uncover the secrets to the art of baking Apfel-strudel. Culinary connoisseurs will adore these unique and quintessentially Viennese foodie experiences.


Apple Strudel is a homegrown Viennese dessert – layers of flaky pastries between sweet apples, accompanied by custard or cream. Learn the art of layering from an expert in the field at this group master class at the Hofbackstube of Café Residenz, that lets you in on the secrets on the sweet treat, allowing you to sample your creation at the end.

Alternatively, if you consider yourself more of a voyeuristic foodie or you aren’t confident in your pastry skills, then simply watch the demonstration at the Original Wiener Strudel show, also at Café Residenz, performed every hour, and enjoy the delicious end result without the hard work.

Apfelstrudel nach original Wiener Rezept | | © Burkhard Mücke / WikiCommons

Schönbrunn Palace, Schloss Schönbrunn, Kavalierstrakt 52, 1130 Wien 01 24100300



Naschmarkt | © WienTourismus / Christian Stemper

Exploring food markets in a city is a great way to discover exciting local and new cuisine. The Naschmarkt, a sprawling metropolis of a market located between Kettenbruckengasse and Karlsplatz is a food lover’s paradise. Along the stretch, hundreds of stalls sell a colourful array of local wines, cheese (Bergkase is an absolute Austrian must-try) and cured meats alongside as exotic foods from around the world. Be sure to take advantage of the samples whilst you cruise the stalls.

Market Tour and Cookery Class

If you like what you see at the Naschmarkt but don’t know what to do with the produce, join forces with a fellow foodie, Austrian cook Bianca Gusenbauer, who runs individual and group Viennese food tours with her company, Biana Is(s)t, offering you the chance to visit the best markets, whilst giving you insider foodie information along the way. You can also partake in a cookery class with Bianca, who will show the best ways to use your selected ingredients to make some delicious meals.

Fruit and Veg at the Naschmarkt | © Manfred Morgner / Flickr

Visit Vienna’s Vineyards

If you look beyond the city skyline, you’ll notice that Vienna is hugged by rolling hills which are decorated with vineyards. Austrian wine is one of the most underrated in Europe – Grüner Veltliner is a must-try for those who consider themselves connoisseurs. The Vienna Wine Hiking Day, held in the Autumn of each year, takes you around the picturesque countryside that surrounds the city, with various pit stops along the way at Heuriger taverns – cosy places that serve wine created by locals in the cellar or kitchen.

Viennese Wine: Vineyard in Vienna©WienTourismus/Lois Lammerhube | WienTourismus / Lois Lammerhube

Wine Tavern Schübel-Auer@ WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

Sausage Stands

There is nothing like the atmosphere around one of Vienna’s Würstelstands late at night when the smoky smell tempts those passing to indulge in a hotdog and a can of beer. Having a midnight snack at a Würstelstand isn’t the most sophisticated of the foodie experiences, but it is a must nonetheless. The Bitzinger Stands, located between the Albertina, the Opera House and The Giant Ferris Wheel, are among the city’s most famous and popular stalls. Bitzinger offers all the classic sausages; Bratwürst, Käsekrainer, Bosna and Frankfurters, with the option of sweet or spicy mustard. Bottles of champagne are available for anyone in a celebratory mood.

At a Viennese sausage stand@ WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud

Wiener Kochsalon

This 5-hour intensive group cookery course gives you the chance to master all the Viennese family classics, such as Wiener Schnitzel and Tafelspitz, under the instruction of a trained cook. This is the perfect day out for a foodie – an open bar offering Austrian wines and prosecco as well as a ‘surprise dessert’ at the end are just a few features that make this course special. If you want a change from Austrian cuisine, there are plenty of alternative courses to choose from, including an introduction to Sushi and Thai cookery.