This 180-Year-Old German Village House Is Absolutely Adorable


Picture this. It’s 1838 in Columbus. The city has only been around for 20 some years, the telegraph has just been demonstrated for the first time, and this stunning German Village home was built.

That’s right. This 4 bedroom dream home is just over 180 years old, but it’s looking pretty darn good for that age.

The home has an open floorplan and all of the modern upgrads buyers are hunting for, plus 2.5 bathrooms to ease that getting ready rush.

But it still has a ton of character and charm.

The master bedroom has vaulted ceilings.

And the master bathroom is very spacious.

The guest rooms are cozy and intimate.

And the little details in the office, like exposed brick and gorgeous crown molding, perfectly captures the essence of the house.

The house even comes with a two car garage, which isn’t a guarantee in German Village.

And there’s still plenty of places to put your own personal stamp on the place!