Tips And Tricks To Live In Porto Like A Local


Whether you are in search for art or history, literature or nightlife, nature or relax, Porto is the perfect city to live in.

It’s easy to fall in love with Porto, but to really know it, you must get to know it as a Tripeiro, as Porto residents are known. Portuguese people are relaxed, laid back and they are known for their chilled attitude.  So if you want to experience Porto like a local rather than as a tourist or an expat, keep reading, here are 10 tricks and tips to live in Porto like a local.

1. Go outdoors and spend time in nature

Living surrounded by the oceans and the mountains must be the reason why, locals from Porto have such a love for the outdoors and nature in general. Make the most of the Miradouro das Virtues, or pick a book to read on a bench at the Miradouro da Vitória. If you are into jogging, the best place is the promenade at Foz do Douro.

Photo by Luca Dugaro / Unsplash

2. Eat (lots of) Tripe

Yes, you guessed right. Tripeiros, the nickname for Porto locals, comes from their love for Tripe. And you’re most likely to become one too once you’ve tried their Tripas à moda do Porto, the most famous local  dish.

3. For the love of coffee

When you move to Porto, forget your Starbucks-styled coffee. Here, coffee is still “pure” coffee without all those weird additions you find elsewhere. Here’s your useful coffee dictionary:

– a cimbalino is a simple espresso,
– um café duplo is a double espresso,
– um café duplo com leite is a double espresso with milk
– meia de leite is half coffee and half milk
– um galão is made of a quarter coffee and three-quarters milk

Photo by Nathan Dumlao / Unsplash

4. Organise a pic nic with a view

Do like the locals do and pick up a bottle of vinho verde and some Chorizo and head to Jardim do Morro with your friends. The sunset views across the river and city are unreal.

5. Take all the Portuguese blue in

You’ve probably seen the famous azulejo tiles on Instagram, but trust me, when you see it for real, you will fall in love with Porto even more. Don’t miss the bluest buildings like the Igreja do Carmo and Capela das Almas.

until it turns green
Photo by Dominik Kuhn / Unsplash

6. Music, Music, Music

When you move to Porto, you’ll get accustomed to the famous live fado music. ead to the Barris do Douro to find great little restaurants where local bands play at night.

7. Explore the surroundings

Porto is amazing, but if you feel like exploring a bit outside, Afurada should be on your list. It’s a little fishing village just outside of Porto. Here, you can still find traditional fisherman leaving for the sea or fixing their nets on the pier.

8. Visit the São Bento train station

I’ve already mentioned the white and blue tiles, well here you’ll be hypnotised by them. Imagine scenes from Portuguese history, all in blue and white. Amazing, right?

9. Visit Harry Potter’s library

Yes, you guessed right. The little magician’s and Instagram-famous library is here and once you move to Porto, it will most likely become your favourite place.

Photo by redcharlie / Unsplash

10. Drink Porto in Porto

Nope, this isn’t a tongue-twister. It’s a drink in the city in which it was born. And if you move to Porto, you must drink Porto! If you want to know the best places to drink Porto, read this article!