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The Cafes in Vienna are somewhat like a second living room for the Viennese locals and while the city is well known for its coffee culture, it is perhaps more predominantly known for the comfortable, cozy atmosphere of the Viennese Cafes. There are certainly different cafes for different purposes, whether it be for study and work, coffee on the run, nice breakfast and brunch cafes, or simply a cozy place to chill, read or catch up with friends – there is something for everyone.

Having lived and studied in Vienna for some time, I’ve had the privilege of spending many months cafe hopping and continuously find myself drawn back to this beautiful city and its cozy cafes. In this article you will find a list of my favourite cafes and tips for your next trip to Vienna.

1. Burggasse 24 (Hipster Clothing Shop + Cozy Vibes)

Hands down my favourite cafe of all time. This quirky, hipster cafe is conjoined with a Vintage clothing shop, where you will find all sorts of fun, high-end items – they also have a section upstairs for men.

Burggasse 24 is literally the definition of a second living room feel – with comfy couches, an array of peculiar tables, pot plants and flowers, a cozy fireplace during the cold winter months, candles lit in the evenings, and contemporary art pieces decorating the walls.

The indoor part of the cafe can often get quite crowded, as it’s a very popular cafe for studying and working (the WIFI is excellent here). Generally, the weekdays and mornings tend to be quieter – whilst weekend afternoons are the most crowded. During the summer months they also open up an outdoor terrace, which is very nice.

Price – A Little Higher Than Average

  • Cafe Latte: 3.60 Euros.

  • One piece of Cake/Torte: around 4 Euros.

  • Light brunch and snacks: around 5-9 Euros.

However, you are essentially paying for the ‘creative space’ and cozy atmosphere. It’s common to see people order just one drink and then stay for a couple of hours. The staff here are super chill and lovely. Burggasse 24 is my personal favourite and I love to get my creative work done here.

Where To Find It?


Address: Burggasse 24/8, 1070 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Volkstheater + 5mins walk from there.
Website: Burggasse 24

2. Cafe Phil (Hipster Bookstore, Cafe & Bar)

A super cool, hipster place that turns into a chill bar at night. It’s a library, book shop, cafe and bar all in one – and they even have a few English books you can browse. There are some super comfy couches upstairs and lots of good work spaces with power sockets and great WIFI for those who want to get some work done.

However, the cafe isn’t huge and most of the good places are normally taken quite quickly. It’s also a place that’s quite well frequented by locals throughout the day so if you want to ensure a seat with a group of people, it might be worth making a ‘reservation’.

Price – Moderate

  • Coffee: 3-4 Euros

  • Cake selection: 4-5 Euros

Apart from coffee and cakes, they also do snacks and some cooked food. Their cake selection changes daily and during the evenings, many people come by for some casual drinks. Overall, I really like the atmosphere here and the uniqueness of this place.

Where To Find It?

Address: Gumpendorfer Str. 10 – 12, 1060 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Museums Quartier – it’s a short 2-3mins walk from there. Alternatively, you can also reach this cafe from the Naschmarkt or from Karlsplatz.

3. Waldemar Tagesbar

This is a nice local cafe near the famous Schönbrunn Palace with a large seating area inside as well as an outdoor seating terrace. There are some great spots with power sockets if you want to do some study or work while sipping slowly away at your coffee.

I really liked the vibes here and I got lucky because it wasn’t very busy when I came. However, I’ve heard that it can also get very busy, especially during the weekends – so if you’re coming in a large group, it might be worth making a reservation.

The food here is delicious and the coffee is excellent. They also have a cabinet with some darn scrumptious looking tarts and cakes!

Price – Moderate

  • Cafe Latte + Lemon Meringue Tart (in the photo): Total 7-8 Euros

Where To Find It?

Address: Altgasse 6, 1130 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Hietzing Station (just one stop from Schönbrunn), it’s about a 5mins walk from there.

4. Cafe Liebling

A very cute and minimalistic cafe located with a nice spacious room at the back, which is perfect for studying and working away (if you don’t mind the fact that people are allowed to smoke in this back room).

My brother and I came for a small brunch around 10am and this back room was basically empty. This would make for a really nice creative work space.

Prices – Super Good Value For Money

  • 2x Cafe Latte + Side Dish = 6 Euros in total

  • Main Menu: around 10 Euros

Food was delicious and coffee was great! Can highly recommend – overall great value for money.

Where To Find It?

Address: Zollergasse 6, 1070 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Neubaugasse


If you are used to Melbourne or NZ style lattes and flat whites, then this is your heaven! The lattes here are served in a cup instead of a tall glass, however, the milk consistency (and latte art) is just perfect. The staff also speak very good English (I’ve even caught the Australian accent a couple of times), so you’re in good hands here.


As it is situated next to the University, most people tend to just grab a takeaway coffee on their way to University or work. The seating area inside the cafe is rather small, but the WIFI is good and there are a few hidden power sockets under the seats.

Price – A Little Higher Than Average (But Worth It!)

  • Cafe Latte = 4 Euros

In my opinion, this is the best coffee I’ve found in all of Vienna. They also serve some cabinet food such as cakes, muffins, and muesli, as well as some vegan variations.

Where To Find It?

Address: Währinger Str. 2-4, 1090 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Schottentor


A small, but very cool and minimalistic style cafe for brunch or a coffee catch up. They serve some delicious food and cakes here, coffee is also excellent. Located close to the Schönbrunn palace, this is a nice local cafe and there are some nice shops and pretty houses in this area.

Price – Moderate

  • Cafe Latte + Cake Slice = about 8-9 Euros in total

Where To Find It?

Address: Altgasse 12, 1130 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Hietzing Station (just one stop from Schönbrunn) + 5mins walk from there.

Traditional Viennese Coffee Houses

While there are many young, hipster cafes around – your Viennese experience wouldn’t be complete without at least enjoying a typical Viennese Mélange alongside a sweet dessert at some of the most Traditional Viennese Coffeehouses. When you walk in, it’s like going back in time. While the prices are often much pricier, the extravagant aristocratic feel of the room decor is an experience in itself.

*Mélange – this is a Viennese Classic. While you can get slight variations in the way it’s made, it is usually a long espresso with hot milk and either a dollop of fluffy milk or whipped cream.

If you would like to read more about Traditional Coffeehouses in Vienna, there is a great article by Sommertage, who are Viennese locals and experts. Here is the link to their article: The Most Beautiful Traditional Coffeehouses in Vienna

7. Dommayer Konditorei – Oberlaa

Located close to the well-known Schönbrunn Palace, the interior design of this place is very nice. They showcase an array of colourful Macaroons and all kinds of cakes, pastries and small fancy desserts in their cabinet. They also serve breakfast and have a food menu alongside the desserts.

It does get quite busy here, so if you are coming on a weekend, it might be worth reserving a table if you are coming with a larger group.

Prices – Average For This Style Of Cafe

  • Coffee + Small Dessert = around 5-7 Euros in total

  • Coffee + Main Meal = around 10-15 Euros in total

Where To Find It?

Address: Hietzinger Hauptstraße, 1130 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Hietzing (just one stop from Schönbrunn) + 5mins walk from there.

8. Cafe Central

This is one of the classics amongst Traditional Viennese Coffeehouses. The second you step in, you feel like you’ve gone back in time. Great ambience and extravagant interior design – an absolute marvel.

Located in the city centre, this makes for an optimal place to stop by for a Viennese Coffeehouse experience. They serve very traditional Viennese desserts and pastries, as well as savoury foods.

Very popular amongst tourists, so it can get very busy. You might have to wait for a table or best to make a reservation.

Price – Higher Than Average

  • Wiener Mélange or Cappuccino = 5,30 Euros

  • Apple Strudel + Custard/Cream = 7,30 Euros

  • Simple Breakfast = 7-10 Euros

  • Full Breakfast = 14 – 20 Euros

Coffee prices are definitely considered expensive for Vienna. But I find the food prices rather reasonable for a traditional coffeehouse like this.

Where To Find It?

Address: Herrengasse 14, 1010 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Herrengasse Station
Website: Cafe Central Wien

9. Cafe Français – For Brunch

This is a popular place for students as it’s located quite close to Vienna’s Main University (Hauptuniversität) and the Schottentor U-Bahn station. The atmosphere is very nice, they serve some excellent food and coffee here.

Price – Average To High

  • Coffee + Breakfast/Light Meal = 10-15 Euros in total

Where To Find It?

Address: Währinger Str. 6-8, 1090 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Schottentor

10. Freiraum – for brunch

If you’re looking for a typical Viennese Brunch, this is what it looks like. Freiraum is a popular place for brunch, especially on Sundays. They offer some very tasty breakfast and brunch options. Located on Vienna’s main shopping street – Mariahilferstraße, it’s just a short walk away.

Price – Higher Than Average

  • Basic Breakfast Variations = about 5-8 Euros

  • Vege Breakfast Option (pictured below) = roughly 7 Euros

Where To Find It?

Address: Mariahilfer Straße 117, Top 1-3, 1060 Wien, Austria
Getting there: U-Bahn to Westbahnhof or Zieglergasse – it’s between those two stations.
Website: Freiraum

What are some of your favourite cafes in Vienna? As I’m always on the lookout for new cafes, I would love to hear your recommendations in the comments below! Special thanks to all my lovely Austrian and exchange friends who recommended many of these cafes to me!



By Lala