Top 10 Largest Rivers in Germany


Before we begin with the top 10 list, let’s keep in mind, that for example the United States is 26 times as large as Germany. Due to Germany’s smaller size the rivers are just not as long as in larger countries.

Some of the following rivers are flowing through many different european countries. We only counted the kilometres through German terrain.

10. Ems (371 kilometres)

Ems River Germany

9. Spree (382 kilometres)

Spree River in Germany

8. Neckar (384 kilometres)

Neckar River Germany

7. Saale (413 kilometres)

Saale River Germany

6. Havel (560 kilometres)

Havel River Germany

5. Main (569 kilometres)

Main River Germany

4. Danube (647 kilometres)

Danube River Germany

3. Elbe (727 kilometres)

Elbe River Germany

2. Weser (750 kilometres)

Weser River Germany

1. Rhine (865 kilometres)

Rhine River Germany