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If Europe is on your hit list, you can never miss visiting Austria. This incredible holiday destination is quite popular for its magnificent beauty, serenity, and vibrant streets. To add more fun and excitement to your vacation mood, there are many things to do in Austria that will make you feel the thrill. From summers to winters, Austria has listed a lot of adventures to make your holiday memorable. The country has some finest European slopes and a dramatic terrain that will make you feel the adrenaline rush. Explore every corner of the country to embrace every ounce of its thrilling beauty.

Top 10 Austria Activities One Must Never Miss Out

Are you an adventure freak or a nature enthusiast? Well, that doesn’t matter if you are in Austria. This European country has every adventure and leisure activity you need to make the best of your holiday. So, tighten your seat belts to enjoy some of these best things while you are on a vacation break.

1. Trek To Krimmler Ache, The Largest Waterfall in the Country

Trek To Krimmler Ache, The Largest Waterfall in the Country

Krimml waterfall is one of the most beautiful and the largest waterfall in the country that falls from a relative height of 380 meters. The waterfall with its incredible beauty and perfect landscape attracts more than 4,0000 tourists every year. Now, what is so popular about the waterfalls, apart from their magical scenery, is the trek that will take you across the wildest yet secluded terrains.

Being quite a popular spot for tourists there are food stalls and other shops lines along the trail, offering you a comfy trek to the falls. The pathway is well maintained and requires a certain level of fitness or hiking in Austria. But the trail is beginner-friendly, and you can set the hike up to the point that suits your caliber. The Krimmler Ache is set on the top of the falls, which is quite a challenging hike for tourists, but worth a try.

  • Location: At the Krimmler Törl
  • Time Required: 3.5 hours
  • Hiking Distance: about 7km round trip
  • Physical strength: Good

2. Salzburger Canyons For The Best Outdoor Adventure

Salzburger Canyons For The Best Outdoor Adventure

For the best adventure experience, the Salzburger Canyons are the most interesting attraction in Europe. The canyons are quite popular for the best adventure things to do in Salzburg, where you can try rappelling or climbing, canyoning, and even cliff jumping. With 17 jumps of 10 meters and a narrow passage to swim through, touring the canyon can be a real thrill.


One needs to be above 16 years of age and a swimmer to try this activity. This can be something challenging that means you need to be in a good shape, and healthy. The entire activity will take 4 to 6 hours, so be well prepared to face the thrill and challenges. Carry your swim suite, sturdy shoes, and head off to feel the adrenaline rush down your spine.

  • Location: Obergaeu 82 Golling, Salzburg, 5440
  • Time Required: 5-6 hours
  • Minimum age: 16 years
  • Physical strength: Good

3. Alpine Climbing for Some Extreme Thrilling Adventure in Austria

Alpine Climbing for Some Extreme Thrilling Adventure in Austria

Nothing can be as daring as climbing the steep mountains in Austria. The TirolWest region is one of the most fascinating spots that houses some thrilling adventure for enthusiasts. Located around Landeck town, this might be the small yet most enthralling attraction you can’t miss out on.

There might only be three climbing spots, but the dramatic terrains have added too much to the popularity. There are 300 climbing routes that include Lechtal Alps and more. Mountain climbing is one of the best adventure things to do in Austria, and the challenging landscape makes it rank somewhere between 3 to 8 on the international scale. Well, this is quite impressive as it opens an opportunity for both the professionals and the intermediates to try their hand on the most breathtaking activity.

  • Location: TirolWest region
  • Time Required: Depends on the route you take
  • Minimum Age: Please consult the concerned authorities
  • Physical strength: Good

4. Admire The Beauty of Schlegeis Lake

Admire The Beauty of Schlegeis Lake

Located in the Zillertal Valley in Tyrol, Schlegeis Lake is the most magnificent attraction to visit in Austria. This artificial lake boasts of a magical vista, adorning the blue clear water, rugged mountains, and fascinating terrains. Now, if you are wondering what top Austria activities you can try here, well, you can plan a hiking or climbing to experience the thrill. Enclosed within the beauty of the great alpine, the lake is surely a hub for travel enthusiasts.

Tours are organized from the lake to nearby attractions like Passo di Vizze, Ginzling, the Schlegeis Basin, and Zamser valley. If you are planning your holiday in May or any summer month, head along the Schlegeis Alpine Road, which only opens in Summers. You can drive or plan a bike tour to discover the serene beauty along the paths.

  • Location: Zillertal valley, Turkey
  • Best Time to visit: May to October
  • Additional Activities: Hiking, Motorbiking, climbing

5. Stroll Around the Hallstatt City

Stroll Around the Hallstatt City

The beauty of Hallstatt makes it the best honeymoon destination in Europe where one can seek leisure and thrillThe secluded beauty of the place has made it quite an interesting place to relax and admire nature at its best. Strolling around the city is one of the fun things to do in Austria, but if you need more to add to your itinerary, there are caves that are worth exploring.

Visit Hallstätter Lake, where you can enjoy boating or swimming, depending on the season you are planning to visit. Get a paddleboat and take off for a magnificent journey of witnessing the sunset and admiring the refreshing hues of nature. The skywalk Hallstatt is another attraction you can add to your to-do list. This skywalk, hovering at an elevation of 360m (1,181ft), offers spectacular views of the Lake, and the surrounding peaks.

  • Location: Gmunden district, the Austrian state of Upper Austria
  • Best Time To Visit: March, April, May, October, and November
  • Additional activities: Explore the museums, Visit Kalvarienberg Church, try local food

6. Paragliding in Schmittenhöhe for a Birds Eye View

Paragliding in Schmittenhöhe for a Birds Eye View

To experience the ultimate thrill, Paragliding is one of the top things to do in Austria. This breathtaking flight of 20 minutes will take you over the serene beauty of Schmittenhöhe where you will fly across the green terrains, the magical vista, and high mountain ranges. From Kitzsteinhorn Glacier to Lake Zell and other panoramic sites, this is the best way to discover the serenity of Austria.

Now, if you are a professional, all you need is your gears to fly off the sky, but for newbies, this place has trained pilots who will assist you during tandem flights. The certified pilots are experts in managing the Parachute under every weather condition. Different tour operators are there, offering the best paragliding experience in Austria.

  • Location: Brucker Bundesstr. 1a, Zell am See, 5700, Salzburg
  • Time Required: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Experience: Suitable for all

7. Tour of Zeller Nature Reserve To Witness The Wilderness

Tour of Zeller Nature Reserve To Witness The Wilderness

Wilderness in Austria is another blissful experience that will take you on a memorable journey. The Zeller Nature Reserve is quite famous for its horse riding trails, discovering the meadows, and Lake Zell. Horse riding is one of the most thrilling adventures in Austria that will take you on a journey filled with steep lowlands, scattered vegetation, and serene shores.

If you are looking for some fun activity, get a bicycle and head off to explore the narrow lanes enclosed within the exotic beauty. The rare habitat of the place needs to be preserved, therefore, make sure you are respecting the rules and not disturbing the serenity of the place. The nature reserve supports the habitat of many migratory birds and rare endangered species too.

  • Location: Salzkammergut, Upper Austria
  • Additional Activities: Horseback riding, cycling, nature tour, bird watching
  • Best Time to Visit: September to February

8. A Romantic River Cruise In Vienna

A Romantic River Cruise In Vienna

No doubt that Austria is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, where you can enjoy quality time with your beloved. Now while you are on a holiday, enjoy a river cruise on the Danube River. This is one of the best things to do in Vienna, Austria, for experiencing leisure and luxury. If you are planning on a romantic holiday in Austria, you must plan a river cruise.

The Danube River can be explored in a variety of ways. Wine tasting tours are also available to make your experience more romantic. Aside from typical commute cruises to Bratislava or Budapest, day or evening cruises with lunch or dinner, speedboat tour excursions, and Wachau Valley cruises are available. Due to weather circumstances, sightseeing river cruises are only offered in the spring and summer.

  • Location: Vienna
  • Time Required: Depends on the booked tour
  • Best Time: Throughout the year (best time- July)

9. Explore the Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I

Explore the Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I

Admire the monumental work at the Tomb of Emperor Maximilian I in Austria. Witnessing the history of any place can be an exciting thing to do in Innsbruck, Austria.

The tomb consists of a black marble sarcophagus with a bronze figure of the Emperor on it. There are also 20 bronze busts of notable Roman emperors and 23 bronze statues of saints. Emperor Maximilian, I died in 1519 and was buried in the Hofkirche in Innsbruck in a grandiose ceremony. Emperor Maximilian 1 planned the mausoleum for the St. George’s Chapel at the castle in Wiener Neustadt during his lifetime, but it was never completed. Emperor Ferdinand I was the only one who had the exquisite tomb carried to Innsbruck and installed as a cenotaph in the court church.

  • Location: Innsbruck, Austria
  • Timings: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Entry Fees: E8

10. Castle of Hardegg Trail For The Best Day Hike

Castle of Hardegg Trail For The Best Day Hike

Day Hikes can be quite enthralling for adventure enthusiasts. The castle of Hardegg Trail is the best spot for some extreme adventure in Austria, where you can admire the serene beauty of the landscape.

This is one of the fantastic hikes, which is also one of the most accessible trails in the country. Hardegg Castle is a medieval fortification that lies atop Hardegg, a small village that is quite a picturesque destination. The trek begins with a gradual climb out of the Hardegg and along a rocky slope. The road then descends through a ravine, crossing a bridge and ascending to Regina Rock. All you need is a small stroll that will take you close to the fascinating castle.

The adventure kicks as you pass through a wilderness of cherry and blackthorn trees. There are red beeches and ashes, with their blazing colors, that make the hike quite special.

  • Location: Hardegg NÖ Burg
  • Time Required: 1.5 hours
  • Hike Distance: 7.5km
  • Difficulty Level: Average

Fill your vacation with the best things to do in Austria. There are endless adventures and exciting activities you can try while you are on a holiday. There are hiking trails, trekking, village tours, and other activities that will make your vacation, exciting and memorable. Austria is a quaint and picturesque destination that hides the lush green terrains and some majestic trails, offering you every adventure you need. Flights to Austria are available from almost every destination, making it easier for travelers to explore the charismatic European beauty. So pack your bags and head off for some adrenaline rush.



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