Sun. May 19th, 2024

Summer is quickly approaching, which means time for fun in the sun. What better way to celebrate summer than with a fun, cool beverage? Here are the top five best drinks to commence this summer.

#1 Shark Attack Rebel $5.45

The Shark Attack Rebel: $5.45. Photo credit: Hailey Reeves

You can’t go wrong with a classic Dutch Bros Rebel. Rebels typically consist of Red Bull and flavored syrup, and with over 30 regular and seasonal flavors, the combinations of flavors are endless. One of my favorites being the Shark Attack Rebel. This rebel features tropical flavors, including blue raspberry, coconut, lime and pomegranate drizzle on top. The name itself reminisces of spending time at the beach. This rebel is great for those who enjoy sweet treats. The sour and sweet flavor of this rebel is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


#2 Ray of Sunshine Rebel $5.45

The Ray of Sunshine Rebel: $5.45. Photo credit: Hailey Reeves

What better way to celebrate summer than drinking it itself? The Ray of Sunshine Rebel consists of Blackberry, Peach and Grapefruit syrup, and is probably the most flavorful drink on this list. This Rebel is as sweet as its radiant red color.

#3 Islander Dutch Freeze $5.25

The Islander Freeze: $5.25. Photo credit: Hailey Reeves

If tangy energy drinks aren’t up your alley, the Dutch Freeze is a great option to try. Dutch Freezes are blended coffees, usually paired with flavoring, but can be enjoyed plain as well. The Islander Freeze consists of blended coffee, chocolate macadamia nut, coconut and vanilla syrup. What’s great about this drink is that it isn’t too sweet, but the summertime flavors are quite notable. This tropical treat will quickly get you in the mood for an island getaway. Plus, having any icy cold drink is a perfect cooldown for those extra hot days.


#4 Hawaiian Lemonade $2.95

The Hawaiian Lemonade: $2.95. Photo credit: Hailey Reeves

Lemonades are a classic summertime beverage, and what better way to mix it up than with a few fruity flavors? Dutch Bros offers the same syrup flavors for any beverage, so perhaps if caffeine isn’t your friend, a sweet lemonade may be more delectable. A tasty option is the Hawaiian Lemonade. This sweet and sour beverage includes banana, orange, peach and strawberry syrup. This refreshing beverage is a great pick me up, despite the caffeine curtailment. It’s simple, light, and oh so sweet.

#5 Dutch Mojito Soda $3.45

The Dutch Mojito Soda: $3.45. Photo credit: Hailey Reeves

In need of a beverage you can sip on poolside? Look no further than the Dutch Mojito Soda. Despite the name, this drink of course is alcohol free. The Dutch Mojito Soda includes sparkling water, coconut, lime and crème de menthe syrup. With refreshing lime and minty freshness, this drink is sure to give relaxing, summertime vibes. This flavor combo pairs especially well with the sparkling water, as the Red Bull in Rebels will really amp up the minty flavor. A mature, replenishing option for sure.



By Lala