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Our road trip through Germany takes us to the city of Freiburg Im Breisgau. Located in southwest Germany’s Black Forest, Freiburg is known for it’s reconstructed medieval old town, and it’s Minster Cathedral.

Known also as the gateway to the Black Forest of Germany, it is a hub for regional tourism in the area. On the blog, I highlight some of the top things to do in Freiburg Germany, to help you plan your trip to Germany, and explore the Black forest region.

Where is the Black Forest region in Germany?

The Black Forest region is located in Southwest Germany, bordering France. It’s known for it’s dense forests, the Black Forest cake, cuckoo clocks, and picturesque villages.


Freiburg is it’s largest city, and you can easily get to Frieburg Germany by train or car. It’s an easy day trip from anywhere in Germany, or when visiting the Alsace region in France.

Dip your feet in the Bächle Waterways

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One of the most interesting things in Freiburg Germany are the Bächle Waterways. One thing you will notice as you stroll around the city are these unique waterways that crisscross the streets. This unusual system of waterways called Bächle, run throughout its centre and is fed by the Dreisam river.

These Bächle, once used to provide water to fight fires and feed livestock. Today, these waterways still run through the city as a way to cool it down. You will also find people dipping their feet to cool off in the summer, which our little one thought was cool and was quite refreshing.


Visit the Münsterplatz

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At the centre of the old city of Freiburg Germany is the Münsterplatz or Cathedral Square, which is Freiburg’s largest square. A farmers market is held here every day except Sundays, and is the best place to eat a hotdog.

Not only does the market serve the best hotdogs we’ve ever tasted, but they also sell fresh produce and beautiful fresh flowers. It’s definitely one of Frieburg Germany’s top tourist attraction.

Visit the Freiburg Minster Cathedral

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One of the best places to visit in Freiburg Germany is the Freiburg Münster, which is a gothic minster cathedral constructed of red sandstone. The Freiburg Münster cathedral was built between 1200 and 1530, with a dramatic 116m spire. This Gothic cathedral towers over the central square Münsterplatz, and is quite impressive.

Visit the Historic Merchants Hall

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Located in the Münsterplatz in Freiburg is the Historical Merchants’ Hall. Built between 1520 and 1530, it was once the center of the financial life of the region.

Its facade is decorated with statues and the coat of arms of four Habsburg emperors, and is quite beautiful. It really stands out amongst all the other buildings with its striking color and architecture, and is one of the top things to see in Freiburg Germany.

Sip some wine at the Alte Wache

Alte Wache » Restaurant & Café in Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe

One of the best places to visit in Freiburg Germany is the Alte Wache, located on the Münsterplatz. Built in 1733 as part of military reinforcements, it is now a wine house serving some of the regions local wines.

Order a glass and discover the fascinating variety of regional wines, and don’t forget to purchase a bottle or two to take home as a souvenir!

Visit the MarktHalle (Market Hall)

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Located just a short walk away from the Münsterplatz in Freiburg is the Freiburg MarktHalle. This is the best place to sample some regional specialties, as well as some culinary delights from other countries.


Located in a conspicuous building that was once home to the printing presses of the Freiburger Zeitung newspaper, the MarktHalle is the perfect place to grab a bite or just a light snack while sightseeing Freiburg Germany.

Visit the Altes Rathaus (Old city Hall)

Altes Rathaus (Old Town Hall), Munich

On your sightseeing tour of Freiburg Germany, make sure to visit the the Altes Rathaus, or old city hall. It was completed in 1559 and has a beautifully painted facade. It is one of a handful of striking buildings located in the city of Freiburg.

Located next to the old town hall is the New Town Hall. The two buildings are joined by a bridge and both house the offices of Freiburg’s city government.

Explore the Augustinerplatz

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Another one of Freiburg Germany’s points of interest is the Augustinerplatz, which is one of the central squares in the old city. The Augustinerplatz was formerly the location of an Augustinian monastery, which is now a musuem. Along the the square you will find lots of shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as a Biergarten.

There are also many events here during the summer, which makes it the happening spot in Freiburg Germany. As you stroll through the streets of Freiburg, make sure to admire the beautiful pastel colored buildings as they are quite magnificent! You will also find a small playground here for the little ones, which is the perfect break from sightseeing Freiburg.

Top things to do in Freiburg Germany: Martinstor & Schwabentor

The Martinstor is a former town fortification that dates back to 1202, and is the older of the two gates of Freiburg that have been preserved since medieval times. At one point this medieval gate served as a prison.

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The Schwabentor (English Swabian Gate), also called Obertor in the Middle Ages, is the most recent of the two remaining city gates of the medieval defensive wall of Freiburg.

Built around 1250, it was originally open towards the inside of the city and was only enclosed with a stone wall in 1547. Both gates, the Martinstor and the Schwabentor, are located in the city centre.

The beautiful streets of Freiburg

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A stroll through the streets of Freiburg is the best way to see it all. There are so many winding streets to get lost in and so many beautiful corners and alleyways.

These are just some of the top things to do in Freiburg Germany. It’s location within the Black Forest region of Germany makes it great starting point when exploring the region.

Make sure to taste the regions Black Forest cake, it’s amazing and we ate our body weight in cake! Don’t forget to purchase a cuckoo clock as well, which the Black Forest region is known for. They are absolutely beautiful and the craftsmanship is just impeccable!



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