Wed. May 29th, 2024

I’ve read stories about Lake Brienz being one of the most spectacular lakes in Switzerland, but to see it in reality, it’s something else. It has to be the tropical color of the lake, the relaxing vibe it gives you and all the small rustic villages that surround it.

From Zürich, you can reach Lake Brienz in about 1 hour and a half by car.
Without any other further ado, here are my TOP 3 places to visit on Lake Brienz in 1 day:


Iseltwald – the hidden gem of Lake Brienz

This is by far, my favorite place on the lake. Iseltwald is such a peaceful and relaxing place. Take a short break by the lake, have something to eat and just admire the beautiful surroundings. Walking through the wooden chalets, I could imagine how magical this village would look like in the wintertime.

My intention was to go as close as possible to the beautiful Seeburg château and take some incredible photos.

Brienz Town

The city of Brienz is located on the northeast shore of Lake Brienz. What I liked the most here, was the over 1 kilometer long promenade, perfect for long and relaxing walks, with spectacular views of the lake and mountains.


Don’t miss the beautiful Brunngasse street, a charming alley lined with historic Swiss wooden chalets, which was once voted the most beautiful street in Europe.
The Evangelisch-Reformierte Church area is another beautiful place, overlooking the lake and the city. Great landscape photos can be taken from here.


This small village of only 3,000 residents, can be easily reached from Lake Brienz, in about 20 minutes by car.

Lauterbrunnen valley is the Land of 72 Waterfalls! This amazingly lush green valley will for sure take your breath away and make you ball your eyes out.
It’s a must if you are in the area.

If you’ve never visited Switzerland before, Lake Brienz can be the perfect place to start.

It has a great geographical location, surrounded by the Alps, but also offers easy access to some amazing places: Giessbach waterfalls, Grindelwald, Interlaken, Lake Thun (opposite to Interlaken).

Have an amazing day!


By Snowy