What Is The Reason Of Making Wooden Shoes In Holland?

The Netherlands

Wooden shoes are made out from trees and they were found all over the world. (Japanese also made ‘geta’ as wooden shoes) In Holland, they seemed to start making wooden shoes 800 years ago and the oldest wooden shoes were found in the year 1230.

In our time, wooden shoes have almost become a rarity and you will not see Dutch wearing it in town. However, many farmers, gardeners, fishermen are still wearing it and they are pretty comfortable as well.

Wooden shoes became a typical Dutch tradition with the newest design, and many tourists buy it as a souvenir.

The reason of making wooden shoes in Holland

About 25% of the lands in Holland are wet soil and sand because it’s under the sea level and due to its reclamation. Wooden shoes work best when people walked on the wetlands. The wood is porous, that is why it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Wooden shoes with various design

There were wooden shoe makers in each of the villages in Holland, resulting into a variety of styles, colors, and decorations. Wooden shoes were designed for various uses such as farming, gardening, fishing, and wearing only on Sundays. So, it talks about the lifestyle of the people wearing it.

Today, wooden shoes are famous interior decorating items like souvenirs, with colorful and various patterns and are for sale.

By: like-holland.net