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5 Things You Absolutely Need for a Holiday to Portugal

When you are planning a holiday to Portugal, the first thing that strikes you is the tiring task of packing. If you have older kids with you they can manage their own packing. With toddlers and infants, there arises a confusion of what is important to carry and what is not.

There are a lot of things to pack apart from clothes which can get really hectic. You also have to keep in mind not to burden yourself or anybody else who is travelling with you to carry extra luggage. While on holiday in Portugal it is obvious you will carry with you souvenirs while coming back home. Hence the best tip is to travel light. For example, there is no need to carry 2 flip flops or 5 pairs of tees. I have listed below 5 important and most necessary items needed to pack for your holiday to the Algarve.

Medical supplies

When you are travelling with children or if you have any elderly grandparents in your group, it is important to keep a tab of any allergies especially food. It is necessary to keep a list of all the important prescribed medicines that need to be taken on time. If you are travelling to a different country, you might not get the medicine which has been prescribed for you. Hence it is necessary that you should carry along with you enough meds which will last till your trip comes to an end.


Some of the necessary things to carry with you are toiletries, allergy medicines, sunscreen, moisturisers, first aid kits like bandages, antiseptic creams, wet wipes, brushes, combs. Also do not forget to carry infant and toddler items like diapers, baby lotions, a baby carrier. Once you arrive in your private villa in the Algarve, you can pick up diapers from any supermarket or chemist, so carry enough till you reach your holiday villa in the Algarve. If you are carrying shampoos or creams my advice is to take a smaller bottle. If they get over you can always pick them up from any supermarket near your holiday villa.

Take Only Necessary Clothing

Deciding between clothing is the hardest part of packing for your holiday to Portugal. Inform yourself about the weather forecast for the Algarve. The Algarve has a mild climate. The summers are pretty hot during the day, but a cool breeze can make it fresh in the evenings, so make sure you bring a cardigan or something warmer for the fresh summer evenings in the Algarve. The winters in Portugal are mild too, but it is very well possible that is can be rainy and stormy weather, so be prepared with your clothes! But most likely during the day the sun is shining. The evenings are pretty cold. So for the winter clothing do not forget to bring some warm tops!

Accordingly, you will be able to pack the most needed clothing items.

Try to mix matching your clothes. In this way, you will have fewer items to carry. A red tee will look good on a skirt and a pair of shorts. Also, you can check out online video tutorials on how to “capsule” pack your clothes. It is really amazing to see how you can pack so many items if you know how to correctly roll them. This way you can make much more space and take along with you miscellaneous items which you initially kept aside as your suitcase was refusing to lock up. Carry with you just 3 pairs of footwear-one pair of flip flops, one pair of heels or shoes for evening wear and casual sneakers.

Also, you should never forget to carry with you a set of Ziploc bags to keep your dirty laundry. While travelling to your villa, you might change into a fresh set of clothes mid-journey, or kids might soil their clothing while eating. Also, take a little clothing detergent along with you.


Electronic gadgets

Till you reach your amazing holiday villa, the long journey might tire you out. Hence, carry along with you a music player to relax. To entertain kids, I would suggest you download some movies for them on a tablet or laptop. This will keep them glued to the screen till you reach. To be honest, I always do this for myself too 🙂

 . Carrying a camera is a must if you are out on a holiday to Portugal. Nowadays smartphones do have cameras in them but once your mobile phone memory card runs out, at least you have your camera as a backup. Also, you should never forget to take extra adaptors and chargers with you on your holiday to the Algarve.

Handheld luggage

This is one of the most important parts of your luggage. In your duffel or handbag, you can keep your travel docs, insurance papers, passport, visa if you are travelling to a foreign country. Also, you can carry basic items like sunscreen, emergency meds if you have travel sickness, smartphone accessories, water, travel guide. If you have a toddler with you, keep their sipper and favourite toys in your handheld bag instead of digging up the entire main luggage while balancing a bawling baby in the side. Check with your airline company what is allow to bring in our hand luggage or not. I know for sure liquids over 100 ml is NOT allowed in your hand luggage! Be prepared, as they are very strict these days at the airport.


You should make your trip enjoyable by purchasing binoculars set not only for yourself but also for the kids travelling with you. While on vacation you might decide to visit the beach or a zoo, hence taking a good binocular will make your trip more fun. For the kids, it will be like an adventure and children love learning new things.

You should buy a binocular which has a magnifying power of 8x or 10x. If the magnifying power is higher, the field of view will be smaller. If you want to see something which is afar, like an animal, you will have to keep moving you’re binocular to keep a track of its movements. Hence it is best to get binoculars which have a low magnifying power with a wider field of view.

For a child, it is advised to get binoculars which have the magnifying power of 2x to 8x.  Nowadays all binoculars come with a neck strap. Hence purchase a good compact binocular. One of the best examples of high quality and durable binocular for an adult is the Nikon 8252 Aculon Compact Binocular. Its lenses are coated with Nikon’s eco-glass which is patented by Nikon itself. For kids, the best binocular is Fisher Price Kid Tough Binocular which allows the child to have a firm grip while using it due to its ribbed texture. It also comes with a neck strap and features a focus knob in the center for the child to adjust viewing as per his or her convenience.


Travel light during your trip to Portugal and make your holiday memorable and enjoyable. You should take care of your belongings and valuables. It is best to lock your bags with coded locks. Also do keep in mind, wherever you go, you should respect the traditions and people around you.

Algarve Housing wish you a fantastic holiday to the Algarve, and hope to see you in one of our unique villas in the Algarve!


By Lala