Where To Go In Netherlands Apart From Amsterdam

The Netherlands

10 cities that will convince you that the Netherlands are more than just Amsterdam

The Netherlands are a fantastic travel destination and the capital of Amsterdam never leaves anyone disappointed. However, there is a lot more to the Netherlands aside from Amsterdam and these 10 cities prove just that.

10 incredible cities in the Netherlands

1. Haarlem – located just outside Amsterdam, Haarlem is easy to access and a wonderful destination. The masterful St. Bavokerk church is spectacular and have hosted the likes of Mozart.

Visit Haarlem - These are the best things to do - Holland.com

2. S-Hertogenbosch / den Bosch – the oldest city in the Netherlands is a true mecca for the art lover and it has one of the tastiest desserts in the country, the Bossche bol.

s-Hertogenbosch City Guide by In Your Pocket

3. Den Haag – most people are already familiar with The Hague due to its significance in world politics but the city is more than that. Rich history, a famous boardwalk and inspirational museums makes The Hague an intriguing city to visit.

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4. Gouda – a must on any travel list and not just for the cheese lovers of the world although a visit to the Gouda cheese market is one of the highlights.

Things to see in Gouda, South Holland | Velvet Escape

5. Rotterdam – home to some of the Netherlands most stunning architecture as well as some of the most happening nightlife.

Visit Rotterdam Netherlands second largest city in Holland

6. Maastricht – a city for romance and the picturesque destination is perfect if you want to taste some of the most delicious Dutch cuisine.

Visit Maastricht - The best things to do - Holland.com

7. Utrecht – explore the city centre with beautiful canals and the tallest church tower in the Netherlands, the Dom Tower.

Visit Utrecht - The best things to do - Holland.com

8. Ommen – a true historical gem and a place to visit if you are after a bit more leisure as the quaint city has a somewhat slower pace of life.

What to see in Ommen, Netherlands | Erasmus blog Netherlands

9. Groningen – mostly a student oriented city but it has a lot to offer travellers as well. A charming city centre as well as tasty local beer is only some of the highlights.

Groningen City: attractions and the best things to do - Holland.com

10. Leeuwarden – recently named the culture capital of Europe really doesn’t need much introduction. Combine culture with stunning parks and you have the city of Leeuwarden.

3 days in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

The Netherlands are waiting for you

The 10 cities mentioned here only covers a fraction of what the Netherlands has to offer but they are a good indication what you can expect once you take a step outside of Amsterdam. Choose one and start exploring this incredible country for yourself.