Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

People all over the world have been inspired by a video of an adorable baby bear struggling to follow its mum up a snowy mountain.

The viral video shows the mother bear confidently climbing in the Magadan region of Russia.

Behind her, the tiny bear makes it part way up before slipping down.

Although the process is repeated several times, with the larger bear waiting at the peak, the baby doesn’t give up.

At one point, the poor cub falls nearly all the way down to the bottom.

But surprisingly it keeps going – showing true perseverance.

Eventually, he baby bear makes it to the top and joins its mum – and people all over social media are saying the animal has taught them a lesson.

The video has been shared hundreds of thousands of time online and had a similar number of retweets.

At this point, the challenge seemed adventurous ( Image: ViralHog)


The little bear is trying to follow its mum to the top ( Image: ViralHog)

The mother bear strides to the top – but it’s not quite as easy for the cub ( Image: ViralHog)

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Many have said it shows you shouldn’t give up, and that you should always ‘look up’.

One fan tweeted: “I loved that bear video. If at first you don’t succeed!

“Kept shouting ‘Go on baby bear!’ Then wondered just how daft I was…”

Another said: “We could all learn a lesson from this baby bear: Look up & don’t give up.”

And another wrote: “Never give up!!”

“This stressed me out! The baby bear is so cute and worked so hard. Glad he made it,” one tweeted.

Another wrote: “My MondayMotivation is this baby bear.”

Footage of the climb has been shared thousands of times online ( Image: ViralHog)

The mum is seen waiting at the top of the snowy mountain ( Image: ViralHog)

Amazingly, the cub makes it to the top ( Image: ViralHog)

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Not everyone has been quite so inspired though, with one Twitter user arguing: “The world is divided into two groups: those who watch the baby bear struggling & tell themselves & us that their sadistic enjoyment is a lesson in perseverance and those who find it unbearable, turn it off, & wish it would stop popping up in their social media feed.”

The video was originally posted by a member of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, according to the Daily Mail.

By Snowy