Why We Love Hiking Diamond Head


The Diamond Head hike is inside the Diamond Head State Monument on the island of Oahu on the south shore nearby Waikiki Beach. It’s a short simple hike that attracts many tourists every year.

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Amazing View at the Top

This may sound cliche because every hike has an amazing view at the top. This diamond head hike has an amazing view of both Waikiki and diamond head beach. That’s not something you get from most hikes – a beautiful city view and a nature view. Most hikes just offer a nature view but instead this diamond head hike gives you a neat city view with the Waikiki boardwalk in the background. This makes for a great picture opportunity. Secondly, the summit of the hike looks down into the Diamond Head Crater, which is the coolest view. This is why it’s a hot spot attraction for tourists, seeing the inside of a dormant volcanic crater is nothing short of amazing – especially for those who have not seen one before!

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Easy Hike and Kid Friendly

The hike is relatively really easy. It’s paved the entire way up, easy for kids and offers parking at the base of the hike. The hike is about 4 miles roundtrip, with a stretch of stairs at the top right before this summit. It takes about 2 hours roundtrip, not including picture time at the top. Although I describe the hike as pretty easy, it still requires some degree of physical fitness and strength. Don’t underestimate the power of heat and the sun. Pack water, snacks and good walking shoes. Even though it’s not a backpacking trip through the Grand Canyon, you need to be prepared.

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State Monument

The hike itself is inside of the Diamond Head State Park. It’s a monument facilitated by the state, so it’s well maintained and kept in good condition. This makes it attractive to people and one of the reasons why it’s such a popular place. The fact that this place is a state monument proves the cultural and historical significance of the location. Volcanic craters hold significance in the islands and people have even had political fights over the issue of developing these areas. The natural landscapes have proven to be a center for Hawaiian culture and historical significance.

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Centrally Located

If you’re staying in a Waikiki hotel, diamond head is very close. It could be a short uber ride away from your hotel. From there, you could venture to the nearby Kahala mall, Cromwell’s beach or other Waikiki beaches. The hike is centrally located to these areas, and that’s another reason why we love it. It’s not far out from hotels, as most hikes on the island are. Remember, to get hiking into the mountains you have to start in the mountains and those are generally further from the Waikiki area. Visiting a centrally located attraction makes it convenient for when you’re a traveling tourist. Proximity is convenient for most things in life!

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